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Torre Prima Holidays is a farmhouse located in a strategic position between Siena and Florence, from which it is very easy and quick to reach other tourist destinations famous throughout the world for their beauty and artistic riches which make them the main places of interest near San Gimignano.


Saint Gimignano

Medieval town unique in the layout of its architecture; small, concentrated and noble, it is a village characterized by ancient towers that attract tourists from all over the world. It is only 3 km from the Torre Prima Holidays farmhouse.


Nestled on a very gentle hilly fabric, it can be admired in all its sober beauty, winding through alleys, narrow streets, narrow villages and grandiose squares. It is famous to most people for the Palio (the horse race in Piazza del Campo), an opportunity to renew the ancient rivalries between the city's neighborhoods.


Built on the top of a hill, the first thing that strikes you is the city walls that surround it with its 14 towers. From afar it looks like a stone crown and makes the small village appear like an urban masterpiece.


One of the most precious jewels of Tuscany: cradle of museums, works of art, historic and fascinating buildings. It can be admired in a single glance from Piazzale Michelangelo, a huge balcony space that embraces the entire city.


Suggestive for its beauty surrounded by ancient walls. It is renowned for its alabaster quarries, which represent its wealth, and for its archaeological remains dating back to the Etruscan period.


It presents itself to visitors as in the Middle Ages, that is, a set of stone and brick buildings. It is well known for the wine called Nobile di Montepulciano, recognized as one of the most qualified and requested in these areas, preserved in cellars dug directly into the tuff and which can be visited.


Medieval era city; in the distance you can admire its imposing fortress built by the Sienese, from which you can enjoy the view of the surrounding landscape. Today it is famous above all for being the home of Brunello, one of the most appreciated and esteemed red wines in the world.


It rises 13 kilometers from the sea in a vast plain protected by Monte Serra. It is famous for the Leaning Tower and the Piazza dei Miracoli, inside which you can visit the beautiful Cathedral, the Baptistery and the Monumental Cemetery.

San Galgano

Famous for the Church which was left unroofed during the bombings of the last war: the walls remained intact while the roof completely collapsed. Adjacent to the Abbey there is another Church with the famous sword in the stone inside.


It is the miniature model of a great Renaissance city, which did not develop due to unfortunate historical events. The countryside that surrounds it is also very suggestive.


Ancient and noble city, rich in churches and towers from the municipal age, Renaissance buildings and characteristic streets. The oldest part is gathered in a circle of well-preserved walls which give it a typical and particular appearance.

Farmhouse Torre Prima Holidays

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